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Is Your Child Wetting the Bed? Chiropractic Care Can Help

Chiropractic Care and Bed Wetting

Hey friends. This is Dr. Jamie Adams from Covington family chiropractic. And today I would love to discuss bedwetting with you. Did you guys know that we are one of the largest pediatric chiropractic offices in the entire Southeast, and that it is very safe, effective, and very gentle to be able to adjust any age, from day one of life, all the way up to our 99 plus, active adult age group as well. But today, what I would love to talk to you about is bedwetting. and unfortunately, that is a problem that we see a lot in our office and it can greatly affect your child’s life, their confidence and their self-esteem. and so, I want to talk about how chiropractic care can really help with that type of situation. So, a lot of times what we find is when we have misalignments in the bones of the spine, we call those subluxations.

They can put pressure on very important, critical nerves that control functions of the body. So, if we look at my spine model here, the bone at the very base of the spine, we call it the sacrum. This is the bone that you sit on. You can see that all of these yellow nerves that leave our spine, our nerves that go to controlling many important things like the bladder, the lower extremity extremities, the kidneys, and things like that. Now what happens in our life is we experience, some type of trauma. So maybe your child is very active and they play a lot of sports or, maybe they had a fall or they had a bike accident, or any of those types of things can cause these bones of the spine to move out of normal, proper alignment. And when we get these subluxations on our spine, as I mentioned, it starts to put pressure on these nerves.

Well, the nerves that leave our spine in the lower part here are the ones that go to control the bladder and the kidneys and those important organs. And so what we find in our children that have tendency to wet the bed is subluxations down here. So what chiropractic does is it restores proper balance and function and structure back to the spine to help correct that bedwetting problem that your child has among many other things. Chiropractic is great to help boost the immune system and just to help with overall general health and wellness. So we’d love to be able to talk more about what we can do to help your child build their confidence, be able to go on those overnight sleepovers and those overnight trips that they love to be able to do and how chiropractic can naturally and effectively help your child get over that situation.