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Pregnancy Testimonial

“BEST CHIROPRACTIC EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD! Couldn’t recommend Solid Ground more!”


Dr. Maggie’s Tip Of The Week!

Limiting blue light at least 2 hours before bedtime can help with overall fatigue and brain fog throughout the day. – Dr. Maggie

Patient Testimonal

“My first visit at Solid Ground was a very pleasant experience. They were courteous, professional, and friendly. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. I’m hopeful that they will be able to help me resolve my issues.” – Sonya

Don’t Forget About Your Feet!

Don’t forget to take care of your feet!
Roll the center of your foot on a tennis ball at the end of the day to help reduce overall body tension!

Dr. Maggie

Chiropractic For Babies

Chiropractic adjustments for babies help to remove stress on the nerves & restores the baby’s ability to function properly- giving them a head start in health! We LOVE our babies!

Feeling better doesn’t mean you should stop your treatment

Inconsistency in care and ending care before your doctor’s recommendations can and will increase your risk of unwanted symptoms returning. It is important to follow through with recommended care for optimal results. Remember chiropractic care is not simply about getting you out of pain, but allowing your body to heal function at full capacity and heal itself!