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What To Expect When You Visit Us For the First Time

First Visit

What To Expect

You’ve made a commitment to better health and have scheduled an appointment with us. Here’s what happens during your first visit:
  • Before your appointment, if we have emailed forms to you, please fill them out on a computer (not a mobile device) and submit. We also have the forms available in the office.
  • Once you’re in the exam room we conduct a detailed health history, including discussion of any injuries or traumas (recent or in the past) that could have affected your spine and nervous system. We talk about your health concerns, and we also work together to set your health goals.
  • Next, we do a comprehensive spinal exam, which may include x-rays, range of motion exercises, nerve assessment, postural analysis, and orthopedic testing. The doctor will thoroughly evaluate the exam and x-ray findings before you are treated. Generally speaking, we do not do treatment on this initial visit although there are rare exceptions that are entirely up to the doctor’s discretion.
  • During your next visit we discuss what a healthy spine looks like, our adjusting techniques and which one(s) will work best for you, your x-rays, and the results of your spinal exam. Before you come in for this appointment, the doctor has developed a treatment plan for you to ensure that this is your healthiest year ever.