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Finding The Answers To Low Back Pain

So, a lot of times we may experience an injury or an accident or a fall or, car accident. And, or sometimes we just wake up in the morning and we’re wondering what, and the world is going on.

Hey guys, let’s talk about one of the main reasons that people step foot in a chiropractic office, and that is, of course, low back pain. So, a lot of times we may experience an injury due to a fall, car accident, or some other type of accident. And, sometimes you just wake up in the morning and you’re wondering what in the world is going on. So, let’s first talk about what you may experience. You may experience pain, tightness, pain when you’re trying to bend over or pain with coughing or sneezing. And, a lot of times, when you seek help with this, if you go to your primary care physician, they may only offer you just a handful of solutions, which typically include muscle relaxers, painkillers, any type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, and sometimes even injections.

And, while those things may offer some temporary relief, they don’t truly get to the cause of the problem. And what sets us apart as chiropractors is that we want to look for the root cause and offer you a solution to correct those problems so the pain goes away and you don’t have to worry about relying on these outside-in sources just to live your life every day. So again, when we have these accidents and falls and traumas and just overuse injuries to our spine or to our bodies, what happens is that these tiny bones of the spine, the spinal vertebrae, shift and move out of normal, natural alignment. We refer to that as subluxation and these subluxations can not only affect how our body functions, but it also can affect the way we feel. 

When these bones move, they start pinching on the spinal nerves. When we have a pinched nerve, frequently the first symptom that arises is having aches and pains and discomfort. Also, when these bones begin to move out of place, it causes a lot of stress and strain on the joints, which can lead to inflammation, which affects the surrounding muscles as well. So, there are so many different factors that can lead to the aches and pains that you have. 

So, what can we do to help you here at Solid Ground Chiropractic? 

We give you a complimentary consultation to find out what your concerns are, where the problems are. Next, we’ll move into an assessment and an exam to find out where exactly the problem could be coming from. We take some very specific postural x-rays so that you can see exactly what’s going on and what we need to do to help correct those problems. We can locate and correct these spinal misalignments that could be resulting in the discomfort that you’re having. Finally, we adjust the spine. We gently move these bones back into place, taking the pressure off of those nerves. This allows your body to function better, help you to feel better and just help you to continue to live your very best life. We look forward to seeing you soon!