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How Chiropractic can help withADHD, Autism, and ADD

1 in 68 children are now diagnosed with some type of processing disorder, whether that’s autism, ADHD, or ADD. 

Chiropractic care and Sensory Processing Disorders

Hey guys, it’s Dr Jamie from Solid Ground Chiropractic. And today I would love to discuss sensory processing disorders with you guys. Unfortunately, one in 68 children are now diagnosed with some type of processing disorder, whether that’s autism, ADHD, ADD, you know, all of those things that fit under that umbrella. And we want to talk a bit more about that. So the common approach to these types of conditions is medication. A lot of times, anti-depressant medication. A lot of times anti-psychotic medication and they may work short term. They may cover up the effects, but they’re not going to correct the issue. And the most devastating part about that is the long-term effects that these medications can have on our children. And it’s not something you may notice with them now, but as they get older, we just wonder how that can affect them. So let’s talk about a more natural approach to helping your child manage those types of conditions.

So let’s first talk about where they come from. you know, we are chiropractors in this office. A lot of people don’t think about chiropractic care as it relates to a child that has these types of disorders, but chiropractic has proven to be highly, highly effective. Almost 50% improvement studies have shown, with children and their language abilities and their behavioral, functions, not only at home but also at school. So when we look at the spine and when we talk about how the body works, we know that the brain controls every single function, right So right now, as you’re hearing, you can hear me. You can see me, your heart is beating. Your lungs are breathing. Your stomach is digesting your last meal. That’s all happening because of your brain, right The brain sends messages down the spinal cord, which is my yellow little guy here on the center, and then out all these nerves.

But how does that have to happen The brain has to send messages through the neck, this top bone here, or the Atlas bone is the very top bone in the neck. And he’s the gatekeeper of the body. So while your brain is sending messages to the body, to help everything work the way that God designed it to the body’s also sending messages back to the brain and this little guy, this Atlas bone is the gatekeeper. Now, what happens sometimes in life, sometimes day one of life through the birthing process. And also throughout traumas that we have in stressful situations is this bone gets misaligned or shifted out of proper alignment. And he begins to put pressure on nerves. We call that a subluxation now because the brain communicates to the body through this top bone. If this bone is misaligned, what can happen Is that information going from the brain to the body and the body back to the brain gets jumbled and gets confusing and gets mixed up.

So imagine trying to live life with mixed up messages in your brain that can lead to these types of processing disorders. So what we do as chiropractors is we locate, detect and correct these subluxations in the spine and allow that information to patch, to pass much more smoothly and evenly, and allow your brain to be able to communicate to your body much more effectively. And when we’re able to do that, we can see market improvement in these sweet little kids that we get to see that struggle with those types of disorders. Now, a lot of times parents ask us well, will my child ever be 100% No, unfortunately, but anything that we can do to remove, the way their body’s functioning, the only, outcome that we can have is better health every single time. And so what we want to do is be able to let you and your child’s body and brain and nervous system function at 100%. And then the outcome on the only outcome that you can see is better health, better behavior, better communication, better grades at school. And again, we do all this naturally with the way that God designed us from the inside out. We look forward to talking with you soon.