Frequently Asked Questions at Solid Ground Chiropractic

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First Time Visitor? Here's What to Expect

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We strive to keep your care affordable because we know how important it is to promote your overall health. Costs are based on your health history and treatment plan and are different for every patient.

The number of adjustments you need is based on your condition and health goals we have set with you after your initial visit. It’s different for everybody.

We accept Medicare and United Healthcare. For people whose insurance we don’t accept, we have found that our prices and structure is more affordable than most insurance plans, so we can deliver care to more people.

Your first visit, which includes a thorough evaluation and exam, will take approximately 45 minutes.

Although not necessary, please bring in any previous test results as they can help the doctor identify what is causing your health issues.

Before we do any adjustments of your spine, we must first do a complete assessment of your current health condition. We do not conduct any treatment during your first visit. Only after a thorough evaluation will we create your personalized treatment plan.

We view x-rays as vital to examining the health of your spine, which is the basis for chiropractic care. Therefore, while each case is different, in general we do use this tool to help determine your treatment plan.

It all depends. Everybody is different. Some patients find relief after just one adjustment, although most see significant impact when they reach their first reassessment. Every adjustment does put you closer to better health.

Generally, we do not conduct adjustments on your first visit. We want a thorough picture of your current health status and an examination of misalignments in your spine. We need to plan out your care carefully. Very rare exceptions are made, but that’s on a case-by-case basis and is completely at the doctor’s discretion.

We believe that everyone can benefit from chiropractic care, no matter the age or health status. By healing the nervous system, your body will function better… you’ll feel better. Talk to your doctor about previous surgeries or health conditions to help them determine the best treatment plan for you.

We have very gentle, specific techniques that allow us to adjust everyone, even if you have hardware. If you’re nervous about it or have questions about exactly how we do it, give us a call.