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Spine Adjustments

Addressing sciatica, a common reason for chiropractic visits, this video explains how chiropractors target the root cause of sciatica—spinal misalignments—rather than just masking symptoms. Through comprehensive exams and gentle adjustments, chiropractic care offers a natural healing path for those suffering from sciatic pain, emphasizing a return to pain-free living.

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Sciatica Pain

Dr. Jamie Adams from Covington Family Chiropractic highlights the critical role of chiropractic care in infants, focusing on the Atlas bone adjustments for health issues like colic and sleep disturbances. Advocating for chiropractic care from birth, Dr. Adams ensures a healthy start for infants, emphasizing gentle, safe, and specific adjustments.

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Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome often originates from the spine, not the wrist. At Covington Family Chiropractic, we focus on spinal adjustments to tackle the root cause, offering a more sustainable solution than surgery. Join us for a complimentary consultation to explore how chiropractic care can alleviate your symptoms and enhance overall health.

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