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Spine Adjustments

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Hi guys! We want to take a moment and talk about how we adjust the spine in our office. Many people are nervous about coming to a chiropractor because they don’t know what to expect. So, we want to address any concerns that you might have about what it’s like to go to a chiropractor. Now, in this office, we specialize in a particular technique called the torque release technique. Dr. Jay holder developed this technique, and it’s highly researched and highly trusted in the chiropractic community. It’s only been around for about 20 years or so. So, it’s relatively new to the chiropractic world, but the results of this technique speak for themselves. Now, this technique is very gentle. It’s very specific, and it’s very neurological. So, what that means for you is that it allows us to get down to the root cause of your health challenges and correct them very gently and very efficiently.


That way, you can get the best results in the minimal amount of time possible. Once we locate the area for adjustment, we use the instrument to correct it. This instrument is called an integrator, and it’s the only FDA approved, patented instrument for adjusting the spine. If you happen to look on the side of the instrument, you can see a little tiny patent number on there. The one thing that’s wonderful about this instrument is that it allows me to adjust anybody who walks in our doors from one day old to 100 years old.


For some of my chiropractic veterans who may have been adjusted before by other doctors using the more traditional method, their hands, you may be wondering what in the world is that little tiny instrument going to do for me. Well, you may or may not have heard of Newton’s second law of motion, but that is how this instrument works. And if you guys can remember back to physics, that law tells us that force equals mass times acceleration. We can all agree that it does take some force to move a bone from misalignment back into alignment. When doctors use their hands to do that, we use the mass of our body to elicit a significant force. However, this instrument fires at one 10,000th of a second, which is so incredibly fast, it’s faster than our hands can fire.


So, given that tremendous acceleration, we can get the same amount of force as if we were using our hands, only more gently. That’s what allows us to be able to use this instrument on babies, the very elderly, and on people who have had surgery in their spines. We can adjust you, and there’s no contraindication. If you’ve had a fracture, we can still adjust the bones of your spine. If you have brittle bone concerns, maybe osteopenia or osteoporosis, we can even give you a wonderful adjustment. We can expect to see wonderful and amazing results.


Sometimes we will still use our hands to move the bones of your spine. So, if that’s a concern that you have, we have lots of techniques to be able to give you an incredible, effective adjustment to get your body functioning well and keep you functioning great from now until forever.


If you would like to know more about chiropractic care, please contact us at Covington Family Chiropractic and schedule your consultation.


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