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Headaches and Migraines

Finding The Answers To Headaches and Migraines

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A lot of our practice members come in to see us having one or more migraine headache days a week. If you’ve ever experienced a migraine, you know how significantly it can impact your life. It can affect your normal activities, prevent you from being able to go to work, spend time with your family, and just keep you from life.


Hey guys, we are Covington Family Chiropractic and today we’re going to talk about carpal tunnel. So, a lot of our practice members come into our office for other things, like low back pain, neck pain and headaches, and of course, chiropractic is absolutely wonderful for those things. But, when we start talking through your consultation, we learn that you struggle with other types of problems, such as carpal tunnel.


And a lot of you don’t realize that chiropractic is a wonderful help, because about 99% of the time carpal tunnel isn’t a problem that originates in your wrist. It’s a problem that originates in your spine.


Because of that, many of our practice members have been through carpal tunnel surgery and it’s been quite unsuccessful. It has about an 80% fail rate.


That’s really high guys! So, let’s talk about where carpal tunnel really comes from. And again, a lot of times they may recommend medication, muscle relaxers and injections. At that point, we’re just managing a symptom. We’re not correcting the underlying issue as to why it’s there. Let’s talk nerves! The nerves that control your hands originate from a big bunch of nerves that sit right up in your neck and we call those the brachial plexus. Now, the nerves that make up the brachial plexus go from the neck down the shoulders, arm, and into the wrist, fingers, and hands.


Accidents and injury can shift your spine out of alignment, putting pressure on these nerves. We call that a subluxation. When these subluxations begin to pinch on these nerves that make up the brachial plexus, it can cause excruciating, shooting pain, numbness, tingling, and loss of function into the hands. What we do, as chiropractors, is locate and correct those misalignments that are causing that carpal tunnel situation for you.


We would love to sit down with you, talk about what your health challenges are, what your concerns are, by giving you a complimentary consultation to see if the problem that you’re having is coming from the spine and what chiropractic can do to not only correct the carpal tunnel that you’re having, but also just keep your body healthy and functioning well from now until forever. Have a great day. We look forward to talking to you soon.


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